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Data sovereignty and integrity are critical.

Our protocol facilitates seamless collaboration across multiple data enclaves, fostering a scalable and flexible architecture that empowers organizations and governments to transmit and control data with unparalleled security and efficiency.

With seamless integration across IoT and edge environments, Yokai is particularly adept at handling telemetry, sensor data, and command and control systems.

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Distributed Communication Security Protocol

  • Provides top-tier security with military-grade encryption, safeguarding sensitive communications against unauthorized access.

  • Effortless and seamless integration with existing legacy systems.

  • Our architecture enhances reliability and scalability across multiple nodes with state-of-the-art distributed communication design.

  • Adapts to new technologies and complex scenarios, ensuring robust communication capabilities.

Industries and use-case:


Confidential financial data transmission, including outward one-way communication to select audiences, regulatory tech, and reporting for corporations, enterprises, and local governments.

Public services

Utilities, water, electrical, transportation, energy, and government and civilian oversight over regional and national distribution of services.


UAV and AUV operations with advanced secure communication solutions, ensuring uncompromised security, reliable connectivity, and real-time data transmission.

IoT device management

IoT device management by ensuring reliable, encrypted data exchange between devices and central systems, safeguarding against unauthorized access and easier access controls.


Secure Collaboration Ecosystem

  • Enable secure, real-time collaboration across diverse networks and applications.

  • Seamless coalition sharing and collaboration: Empower real-time decision-making across functions, roles, and geographies.

  • Self-hosted and air-gapped deployments

  • Effortless Data Exchange Across Multiple Enclaves

Industries and use-case:


Self-hosted monitoring, tracking, and issue reporting for startups, SMEs, and enterprises including bug bounties, pen-testing, etc for high-security environments.


Enhanced products for infrastructure providers offering heightened data sovereignty as well as product innovation environments and MSS capabilities and services.


Ensure patient safety and data confidentiality for transmission of critical and confidential data including collaboration for research.


Ensuring secure channels for transferring data and messages internally and externally for intra-agency and inter-agency communications.

Why choose Yokai?

Yokai's distributed architecture meets diverse needs across various industries, fostering scalable and flexible architectures, empowering organizations and governments to manage and transmit data with unmatched security and efficiency.

Customizable hosting solutions

Choose self-hosted, cloud-based, or hybrid hosting to align with data sovereignty, compliance, and security needs.

End-to-end encryption

Guarantee the utmost security and privacy in communications, safeguarding sensitive operational details.

Real-time insights and reports

Stay informed with detailed, up-to-date reports and analytics for a clear understanding of your security status.


Chaitanya Yokai


Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Chaitanya, Yokai's Co-founder and CEO, brings over a decade of expertise in development and security, specializing in Application Security, Vulnerability Research, Fuzzing, and Exploit Development. He focuses on vulnerability research and fuzzing for Smart Contracts, MacOS/iOS platforms, and Blockchain Security. Chaitanya has reported numerous vulnerabilities in Apple iOS/macOS Core frameworks and has published valuable tools for vulnerability research on Github and .

Ranjeet Yokai

Ranjeet Sengar

Founder & Chief Product Officer

Ranjeet, Yokai's Co-founder and CPO, is a seasoned UI/UX Designer and front-end engineer with over 12 years of diverse experience. His expertise spans fintech, private wealth management, advertising, and design agency startups, contributing to over 50+ brands and application projects.

Explore his portfolio on Behance.

Pradeep Atmaram

Pradeep Atmaram

Chief Growth Officer

Pradeep, Yokai's Chief Growth Officer, brings over 10 years of marketing leadership across Singapore, India, and the Middle East, with expertise in web3 startups, private banks, fintech, and unicorns in the APAC region. His work has been featured in publications like Coindesk, Cointelegraph, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, and Reuters, among others.


Based on our positive experience, we wholeheartedly recommend Yokai Network to any organization looking to enhance their security posture. The combination of efficient vulnerability management and unparalleled control and transparency makes Yokai Network an invaluable asset for any security-conscious organization.


CEO, Nullcon

At Bandit Network, security is paramount and we would like to express our utmost satisfaction and gratitude. It has been a truly collaborative and rewarding experience, and we are thrilled to share our positive feedback.

Sandesh Suvarna

Co-founder and CEO, Bandit

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