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Yokai Network offers a revolutionary approach to data infrastructure, prioritizing autonomy and security. Our mission is to equip organizations with the power to control their data without relying on centralized servers, fostering a new era of product innovation and secure public services.

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Harnessing cutting-edge distributed technology, Yokai provides a robust, scalable network adaptable to a multitude of server types.

Our protocol ensures data sovereignty across cloud, edge, and network services, with a security-first design featuring end-to-end encryption and comprehensive compliance tools.

Industries Served

From cybersecurity to healthcare, Yokai facilitates secure, federated environments for sensitive data operations. We support critical sectors like telecommunications, public services, defense, and the judiciary, ensuring that every byte of data is protected and sovereign.

Cyber Security

Secure vulnerability disclosure, crowd-sourced vulnerability detection, disclosure and management, knowledge sharing, alerts, pentesting, auditing, as well as institutional MSSP services and B2B monitoring and security services, all in a self-hosted environment with full data sovereignty.

Telecommunication Providers

Enhanced products for infrastructure providers offering heightened data sovereignty as well as product innovation environments and MSS capabilities and services.

Health Care

Confidential patient data, organ location and distribution, diagnosis, treatment, knowledge sharing, pandemic/epidemic response and emergency intelligence sharing securing the most sensitive data and ensuring its data protection.

Public Services

Utilities, water, electrical, transportation, energy, and government and civilian oversight over regional and national distribution of services.


Command and control structures across all branches of military organisations, including 3rd party auditors, consultants, civilian authority integration and secure communications across Defense procurement and private firms.


Collection and dissemination of evidence, case building, intelligence sharing, case law.

Why choose Yokai?

Yokai's distributed architecture meets diverse needs, eliminating security gaps while enabling responsive design. We offer Cloud Deployment for agile network management, SaaS for hassle-free integration, and On-Premises Deployment for uncompromised control and compliance.

Global talent pool

Access a diverse range of skilled cybersecurity experts worldwide. Connect to the brightest minds in the industry.

Customizable hosting solutions

Choose self-hosted, cloud-based, or hybrid hosting to align with data sovereignty, compliance, and security needs.

Open vs closed network operations

Seamlessly switch between open network engagements for broad community collaboration and closed settings for focused operations.

Open source and open standards

Trust a platform built on transparency and adaptability, aligning with the highest standards of security and interoperability.

End-to-end encryption

Guarantee the utmost security and privacy in communications, safeguarding sensitive operational details.

Real-time insights and reports

Stay informed with detailed, up-to-date reports and analytics for a clear understanding of your security status.


Ross Plummer Yokai

Ross Plummer

Chief Executive Officer

With 15+ years in branding and marketing, he most recently served as CMO at TUGA Innovations, overseeing the brand launch and stock market offerings. Previously led global campaigns for Nike, Intel, Netflix, Heineken, and Under Armour. Managed Nike's Global Football division, led Integrated Production at R/GA London, and oversaw Ridley Scott's operations in Amsterdam.

Chaitanya Yokai


Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Chaitanya, Yokai's Co-founder and COO/CTO, brings over a decade of expertise in development and security, specializing in Application Security, Vulnerability Research, Fuzzing, and Exploit Development. He focuses on vulnerability research and fuzzing for Smart Contracts, MacOS/iOS platforms, and Blockchain Security. Chaitanya has reported numerous vulnerabilities in Apple iOS/macOS Core frameworks and has published valuable tools for vulnerability research on Github and .

Ranjeet Yokai

Ranjeet Sengar

Founder & Chief Product Officer

Ranjeet, Yokai's Co-founder and CPO, is a seasoned UI/UX Designer and front-end engineer with over 12 years of diverse experience. His expertise spans fintech, private wealth management, advertising, and design agency startups, contributing to over 50+ brands and application projects.

Explore his portfolio on Behance.



Senior Front End Developer

Tejaswini has over 14+ years of experience building front-end applications for fintech unicorns, digital marketing agencies and cybersecurity firms. Her previous experiences include Brillo, Neev, FREO and Eagle Owl leading massive teams in conceptualising and execution.

Pradeep Atmaram

Pradeep Atmaram

Chief Growth Officer

Pradeep, Yokai's Chief Growth Officer, brings over 10 years of marketing leadership across Singapore, India, and the Middle East, with expertise in web3 startups, private banks, fintech, and unicorns in the APAC region. His work has been featured in publications like Coindesk, Cointelegraph, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, and Reuters, among others.


John Filipe

Chief Creative Officer

John Filipe is a creative technologist, futurist and multi-disciplinary Creative Director. He has made a name for himself articulating brand strategy and product design in the tech space and has directed numerous global campaigns for brands as diverse as Nike, Audi and Polaroid to name a few.


António Câmara

Advisory board member

In 2000, Antonio Camara co-founded YDreams and was the company's CEO until 2015. YDreams developed over 1500 projects in 40 countries for 50 Fortune 500 companies. YDreams holding includes three public companies: YDX and Ynvisible (both listed in Toronto and Frankfurt), and Azorean (listed in Euronext Paris).


Based on our positive experience, we wholeheartedly recommend Yokai Network to any organization looking to enhance their security posture. The combination of efficient vulnerability management and unparalleled control and transparency makes Yokai Network an invaluable asset for any security-conscious organization.


CEO, Nullcon

At Bandit Network, security is paramount and we would like to express our utmost satisfaction and gratitude for the exceptional bug bounty program conducted by Yokai. It has been a truly collaborative and rewarding experience, and we are thrilled to share our positive feedback.

Sandesh Suvarna

Co-founder and CEO, Bandit

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